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YouTubeの動画の公開一時停止のお知らせ (in English)




Notice about Route 207 preview clips on YouTube

YouTube has removed two videos on my channel among April and May 2019 for some inaccurate reasons. I think the judgments are just mistake and will appeal about it. But if third video is removed for the next few months, my account itself is removed immediately.

So I suspend the publication of most videos temporarily until I find solutions. Please wait for re-release on YouTube or other site patiently. If there are any progress, I'll inform here. Thank you for your kind understanding.

(June 3, 2019 Update)
I upload preview clips on Vimeo and embeded to the pages on To upload many clips in short time, I've upload 720P version. I'll replace them to 1080P or 4K version little by little in the future. Now they are upload with "hidden on" option, so they are not displayed on my Vimeo page. I'll swich to "open" option when replacing.